Tested & Proven Functionalities

Proven and certified by Nelson Labs in the United States and other professional laboratories in Europe and Singapore

Multiple Layers of Functionalities & Filtration

Outer Layer

  • Ionized Copper & Water Repellent fabric

Microfilament Filtration Layers

  • Achieve ≥98% BFE, ≥98% PFE;
  • 3-D Shaping Structure

Inner Layer

  • Light Weight Cotton;
  • For skin comfort & breathability

Nose Tap

  • Invisible nose tap to maintain the elegant outfit while providing the best snug fit with their nose

Adjustable Ear loop

  • User can adjust the length of ear loop elastic to minimize the air leakage
  • Warm design plastic ring to prevent fell out of stopper & prevent kids from swallowing

3D Ergonomic Design, "never collapse on you"

  • The breathing room was designed by cut & sewn the outer fabric & strong interlining
  • While the filter is uncut to ensure the best filtering efficiency

Personalized Fit

  • One size doesn’t fit all so we have designed our face cover with size ranges S to L to met the needs
  • Elasticated chin area (Copper+ & V9 Size S & all V11 sizes) for fit enhancement

Infused Copper

Copper has long been used throughout history for its anti-bacteria properties, and since 2008, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has officially certified that Copper Alloys as antimicrobial public health materials.

SOTERTEX has introduced the technology to apply infused copper on the fabric, capable of immobilizing bacteria, common viruses and other harmful substances. Together with the multi-layer structure, our Copper+ face cover serves as an effective barrier, and provide a better protection to wearer.

Antibacterial Solution

SOTERTEX Face Covers are constructed with cationic antibacterial fabric. This antibacterial coating is safe, non-irritating to human skin and the function can be maintained after 60 handwashes.

Water Repellent

A cough can generate 3,000 potentially infectious droplets, which can hit a mask's fabric at a speed of 130 mph. Therefore, a mask that is made with water repellent fabric will provide more effective defence.

SOTERTEX Face Covers have applied a Water Repellent coating and the function can be maintain up to 60 times hand wash safeguarding the wearer.